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Thread: The Ultimate Status Thread 2019!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rookiedoo View Post
    Running a server for a FLOSS MMO would be a grey area? Why?
    Sure, running a FLOSS MMO wouldn't be a grey area. But this isn't FLOSS, so what we would essentially be making is equivalent to the WoW and various other MMORPG emulators, those aren't made with any kind of authorization from Blizzard. Those are a grey area, if not flat out illegal. Or rather, the software side of it (as in, say the WoW emulators) aren't themselves illegal, running one is. This would be in the same boat, because there is no permission to do it, thus it's in no way open.

    Quote Originally Posted by rookiedoo View Post
    Well, at least for OpenRA I'm quite sure that you don't need the assets from the original game (just if you want to have the original soundtrack while playing).
    you don't need to own the game, but that's because:
    OpenRA is a clean-room implementation of the original Westwood engine based on reverse engineering the game-files without any disassembling, DLL injections or binary patches of the original executables. This is a completely Free/Libre and Open Source real-time strategy engine whose default mods depend on the original game files.

    Since Electronic Arts have released both C&C and RA as freeware, we mirror stripped-down versions of the game's assets separately. This saves EA bandwidth by mitigating hosting to our sponsor's servers and further reduces the bandwidth required by packaging only the ~15MB of files that we need to run the game, instead of making everyone download the 700MB game ISO CD image. These game assets are not covered by OpenRA's GNU General Public License. We assume the files are available for individual use and may not be put for commercial gain.
    The assets are freeware anyways, as released by EA. Though they even have to put that it's a clean-room implementation of the game engine with no binary reverse engineering or patching.

    Quote Originally Posted by rookiedoo View Post
    I'm not a programmer but there is much in software projects users can contribute even without having coding skills. For example: NC1 had a lot ot missing content like missing item descriptions. You don't need to know how to code to provide an item description or fix typos. And this is a kind of work which costs a lot of valuable time for programmers.
    Yeah but we have plenty of people to do that. What we really lack are skilled programmers who can dig through old, badly written C++/C code and help us modernize and fix it.
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