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Thread: Beta Patch 1.0.0 - 1.1.0 : The beginning!

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    Beta Patch 1.0.0 - 1.1.0 : The beginning!

    With the changes coming to Neocron Classic in the first version 1.0.0 we thought we should explain what is coming, as well as some patch notes. First thing to note is the new version system, it will go Product - Major - Minor.

    64bit Neocron!

    Starting in patch 1.1.0 we will introduce 64bit Neocron. We will be discontinuing support for 32bit and also no longer officially supporting Windows 7. The decision was made based on the EOL of Windows 7 approaching, and the need for a 64bit operating system to run Neocron now. We continue to support Windows 8.1 - 10 and are unofficially supporting Wine on Linux and macOS. 64bit Neocron will allow us to improve the game more with faster load times, better asset security, and a whole lot of memory to play with.

    Patch Notes!

    Core Changes
    • Modified and enhanced the way the game stores assets. All assets are now packed in a single data.pak file for simplicity and to ease the new patching process.
    • Created new patching method in Milky Ren packages.
    • Updated versioning system in NC
    • Enhanced Anti-Cheat
    • Resolved issue with Client not releasing font files properly and passing lock to System
    • Fixed a memory leak with new asset storage

    World Changes

    • Cleaned up some world actor and decoration issues in various zones throughout the game world.
    • Updated some spawn points in regards to facing directions for some CopBots.
    • [J 04 / Battle Dome ] Redesigned the vendor area and fixed the floating GoGuardian.
    • [Outzone Station] GuGuardians are now firmly attached to the wall.

    NPC Changes

    • [Plaza SEC-4] Added Tools Equipment vendor.
    • [J 04 / Battle Dome ] Placed correct vendors here.

    Mission Changes

    • Fixed some grammatical errors in the mission texts.

    Weapon Changes

    • [Nailguns] Fixed Shot/Reload Sounds.

    Graphic Updates

    • Hyperion upscaled and fixed some more decals. Hyperion is Awesome.

    GitHub Issues Fixed


    Core Changes
    • Upgraded NC to x64. We have discontinued 32bit support.


    • Upgraded Engine to x64, removed a lot of old code and improved existing code
    • Fixed mission system
    • Fixed missions displaying duplicates of the same mission
    • Fixed memory display
    • Smoothed out performance

    Game World
    • Various bug and content fixes throughout the world
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