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Thread: [B#61] Missions! Oh my!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yokom View Post
    You cant even get teaming to work the list of bugs is longer then my *^&% and that's pretty long, and your fucking around with the economy, and freaking out about he El Farid pits.

    Just have to scratch my head on that.
    Oh boy, aren't we feeling entitled today.

    • The team stuff hasn't been fixed because frankly I don't know if I'm going to bother fixing it or just wait for one of the phases of the netcode release, because it's been completely re-written anyways.
    • The content team doesn't have anything to do with fixing source bugs.

    The code base is a dumpster fire and neither Wizard nor myself have had a lot of time the last few weeks to do much due to IRL work. My time should be freed up to do more soon, and I'm probably going to work on some stuff this weekend as well.
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