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    Post NCC FAQ

    Greetings Runners,

    I'm going to post up a FAQ here, feel free to read through it, and if you want to do your part for the Federation call any other members of our community with questions a FAQ.

    1. What is Neocron Classic, I've been googling with my nostalgia goggles on and found something called Neocron Evolution?

    Neocron Classic is a separate project with differentiated goals. When Neocron 2 began, there was an expansion into new directions both gameplay and story wise while the Classic project you see here is a throw back to before Evolution. We are planning on returning many old features, and upgrade the game with the ideals of a classic gameplay experience in mind.

    2. Okay, so are you competing with them? Pitchforks! I need to have a side to pick, reeee!

    Negative, Ghost Rider. We maintain a positive relationship with them, and we at Neocron Classic encourage you to play Neocron in any capacity. The Neocron Evolution server has been established for some time, and therefore a lot farther along, so feel free to enjoy their product and when we reach a point of release you can partake in our koolaid as well. For now, if you wish, feel free to participate in our beta.

    3. What is the Neocron Classic Beta?

    The current state of affairs that is our server. As of now, everything we have in running order is on the live server up for testing by the community. The server is currently in an as is state, meaning we do not have anything being worked on right now that requires immediate tester feedback. Content team is still independently running, but these are mostly changes that will take place longer down the pipeline. More importantly, all things infinitely important under the guidance of therenall and wizard are under way. In regard to the server itself there are a few things that you need to know:

    1. We have a location specified for "Beta Vendors" located in Plaza 1, across from CityAdmin HQ. This area is setup in a manner that we can open and close access to it as needed, also note the current cycle of the beta does NOT include the use of Beta Vendors. If we need them opened again, we will make an announcement.

    2. GM Support is minimal as of right now, as everyone is focused on hammering out the actual development process right since a lot of us are multi-role devs. I'm your current only active dedicated GM and I'll get to tickets as they show up when possible between level design and world development.

    3. We have an EXP boost active right now, so you will notice pretty early on that you are leveling quickly. This is a compromise between testing and allowing people to steadily progress quicker than normal.

    4. This is not the finished product, if you play the game you are considered a beta tester and should contribute to the development process by reporting bugs, exploits, and anything else that may break the experience.

    4. When will Neocron Classic leave beta status?

    This will be done when the Storage and Net Code portions of our workload are completed. Now, pack a lunch baby cakes, because this answer is going to get pretty long:

    (a) Why it is necessary to wait for these changes:
    The Storage changes are how everything is handled in the game that has to do with... things being stored. Your character, containers, data, your socks... all the things. This is an imperative step in order to ensure the game is modern beneath the engine so that things like game security and any bugs that were persistent before NCC are completely removed from the game. For anyone that is aware this is a pretty important step forward for defeating the ability to duplicate items of any kind.

    (b) Netcode, and why it needs to be done correctly and perfectly from the get go:
    Neocron is quite a beast. The majority of netcode development done by Wizard consists of looking at something in the engine, thinking "y tho..." and having to completely rewrite it. The assets that we were authorized to use are quite dated and in order to be brought to working order many things that may have been fixed at some point had to be redone, and then expanded upon in order to catch up with the current times. Not only that, we have one man up for the task. Our team member, Wizard, is our soul netcode expert and makes strides to complete his work whenever he can but again... he is one person. We have had others volunteer, but they tend to just taper off and disappear after the initial contact process.

    (c) Since this step is most vital, you can help by:

    Thoughts and prayers my dudes... thoughts and prayers. There was a point in time when we could take in outside help to assist with this task, but last time I talked to Wizard it has been narrowed down to really a one person and one person job only due to the nature of all the interconnected things he has to do. Think about it like tying your shoes... two people CAN do it, but it of course is much simpler to do it yourself.

    5. Okay, that's a doozy, but is there any time frame in mind?

    The only thing I can say is we would indeed like to have the release done in this coming year. There are many variables that can influence or tank us. One being if Wizard wins the lottery and decides to ghost us while leaving the netcode out to dry, who knows? Basically what I'm getting at is, if you keep any level of tabs on the Game Industry you know that making promises you can't keep is one of the most damning things a developer can do. The teams are setup the best they can be at NCC, each individual is dedicated to their task and allots as much time as they reasonably can to what they are doing.

    6. Makes sense, so I know what NCC is and the expectations of completion, what about the team itself?

    We're just a group of folks spanning the globe that happen to really like Neocron, while having the ability and authorization to do what we are doing. We're adults with families, lives, and full time jobs while Neocron development is a hobby. Technically speaking we aren't even considered an indy developer, so you need to keep your expectations at a reasonable level with all of that in mind. With that out of the way, we are running this show at a somewhat professional level, dividing everyone into departments, and maintaining levels of leadership and supervisory positions. We actually have a list of current team members and their roles in this thread:

    Now, I mentioned these departments and the specific breakdown because...

    7. Wait, you have people working on tasks other than netcode? Well, from my arm chair over here, that seems like an incredibly stupid idea. Why?

    And the answer is... we are divided into separate teams. Camarogue, Hyperion, Gnisha, and myself ain't got a damn thing to contribute to netcode. We were chosen long ago as content developers, because we are simply not qualified for C++ development. If you have a business that has office staff, and electricians, for instance... would you really send the receptionist to work on a live wire? No. The storage and netcode does stop gate content development to a point, but we can PREPARE things for the future and actively do so. All the while poking both wizard and therenall to ensure they don't fall asleep in their cages.

    8. Okay so how does all this come together? Why is netcode and storage really that important to the point that it needs to be done before anything else can be finished?

    I'll start this one out with a scenario. Let's say we rebalance a weapon, Laser Rifle 1B lets call it. Laser Rifle 1B came out of the gate a little under powered and no one really used it, so in order to reintegrate it into the leveling cycle we just flat out buff the damage. Because of all the drastic changes under the engine of Neocron itself, Laser Rifle 1B is now completely OP, almost broken even and is just... well stupid for the game. Now compound this issue with practically every weapon in the game. This very basic scenario is why we need to wait for the game to finally land on its feet and settle into what it is going to be before we approach BALANCE. Before we start reintroducing features we need to know how the game is going to work in the final state it is going to be in.

    Also, when storage is completed it is actually going to flat out change how players are handled in the game, meaning once the features go live, we are going to have to remake all characters so that they are up to date with the new system... including GM characters. This sort of thing is why we need to wait for completion before we leave beta status. Now, this is a very VERY broad topic... and I explained it in as much layman's terms and as short as possible... but if you have any other questions again feel free to contact me, I don't mind just talking things out with folks.

    9. Hey! I have this great idea that has never been thought of ever since ever... you should go on Steam!

    Yes, we've heard it before and it has been discussed ever since day 1 before you even knew about this project existing. Steam is on the table, but you understand Steam is a professional environment, an actual company with guidelines and standards. To expect Neocron in any state as it is to be on steam right now is utterly insane and it needs to reach a stable platform before this can be considered. We hear you.

    10. Hmm okay, I do have an idea about how the game can be improved though...

    Great! We are Neocron Classic Community and would love to hear your input. Make a presentable idea and put it in the Brainport forum and feel free to share it on Discord afterwords as well. Keep in mind the question above about the state of the game and where content development is, though. I guarantee your idea has to do with either content or balance, and again we can PLAN for the future, but don't expect anything to be done immediately, or for an idea to 100% be guaranteed to be integrated for that matter.

    11. That's weird, drones seem to be completely messed up and sometimes just not available. Why is that?

    Drones are broken and severely unbalanced. They will return once we have the ability to spend time BALANCING them and applying fixes represented in the new netcode. Also I personally ran around the wasteland with a hammer and knocked down all the antennas so you can't get a signal to your drones. Sorry not sorry.

    12. An important aspect of Classic Neocron was the old player models, what is the status on that?

    Neocron 1 Models are back!

    13. I don't really understand why wipes are necessary. What is the significance?

    If you have played any game beta with character progression in the past you may have noticed how drastically things change in that environment. Neocron is no different, and expecting the ability to keep characters while exploits are being found and eliminated and balance planned on being changing drastically in the future for a full release is frankly ridiculous. With that being said, the wipe necessity is being kept as low as possible. There has already been one wipe, and there is only one more guaranteed wipe which will occur upon release. Until then, it is actually being considered how to avoid the big "maybe" wipe that might have to occur with various engine changes that are being formulated in regard to characters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Atlas View Post
    11. That's weird, drones seem to be completely messed up and sometimes just not available. Why is that?

    Drones are broken and severely unbalanced. They will return once we have the ability to spend time BALANCING them and applying fixes represented in the new netcode. Also I personally ran around the wasteland with a hammer and knocked down all the antennas so you can't get a signal to your drones. Sorry not sorry.

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