Hey there NC:C Runners! We have a few things to touch on here with this status update.

First off, we have shifted gears this late into Beta to a test server mode. We have tested that leveling works, and now we are focusing on Vendors etc.

We have introduced "Skill Booster 9000" pills that will help you cap your character quickly. We have also introduced test server vendors in Plaza 1 and will be expanding them over time.

Our roadmap is roughly based on the following...

  1. Fix tooling for our content development team to shift into overdrive and pump out a lot of content for you all to enjoy.
  2. Finish the new netcode. Netcode will NEED to be done before ANY balancing happens.
  3. Fix up Drones.
  4. Finish the new data storage engine so that char data is more secure and easily accessible by API
  5. Finishing touches on everything before launching into Retail
  6. Open a test server for balancing changes

Balance will be VERY LAST. We want to have a full toolset ready and the entire team focused on balancing so we don't run into issues.

Thank you all for testing and playing! Hope to see you all in game!